Kazakhstan is a transcontinental country between Asia and Europe which is heavily influenced by the Soviet Union and also a mixture of the Asian influence due to its location. Kazakhstan is one of the Central Asia’s nations with the most diverse cultural heritage, habiting the Kazakhs and Russians, as well as the Uzbeks, Ukrainians, Tatars, Germans, Koreans and others.

Almaty, which was previously the country’s capital city in the 19th century, is known for its historical and beautiful sceneries. Being a former capital and largest city, Almaty is also largely dominated by the Russian and Asian cultural heritage.Here’s our list of fun things to do in Almaty that won’t break the bank while offering priceless experiences you’ll cherish forever. Let the journey begin.


things to do in almaty

Shymbulak also called “Chimbulak” is a ski resort near Almaty; it is located in the upper part of the Medeu Valley in the Zaliilisky Alatau mountain range. Shymbulak is popular for organising winter games such as the winter Olympics and the Asian Winter Games. Locals and tourists have always visited Shymbulak either for ski sessions or enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountain.It is a great place to be at especially during the winter season as sports can be done here. 

Almaty Lake

things to do in almaty


The Big Almaty Lake is one of the special highlights of one’s trip in Almaty. It is a scenic place surrounded by mountains. The atmosphere is serene and the view is pleasant. The road condition makes the lake inaccessible by normal transportation such as taxi, especially during the winter. Hiking and private tour are the only means to get to the lake.You will not be disappointed by the beauty of the lake.It is absolutely an unforgettable experience for anyone who visited the lake. 

Central State Museum

things to do in almaty,what to do in almaty

Central State Museum is the best place to visit when the history of Kazakhstan is required. In the museum, you will learn more about the Kazakh culture, popular crafts and the country’s relationship with Russia.

You will also be amazed by the collection of unique archaeological findings from pre-historic times preserved in the museum, including; first tracks of the human life activity, fossils of the ancient plants and more.

Green Bazaar

things to do in almaty,things to do in almaty green bazaar

Almaty Green Bazaar, also known as Zeloni Bazaar is famous among tourists for its wide range of commodities. In the market, there is availability and abundance of souvenirs, clothing, food items – honey, sweets and nuts etc. for public purchase.

The pricing is affordable and buyers are allowed to negotiate for discounts; thereby making it a one stop point for all your needs. Green Bazaar opens 9am and closes 6pm daily except on  Monday. 

Panfilov Park

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Panfilov Park is located in Central Almaty, it was named after a group of brave Almaty soldiers who died fighting off Nazis in WWII, making it a memorial ground. These heroes along with other Soviet war heroes were honoured in the park. You can learn more about the history of the war by visiting the park.  

Republic Square

things to do in almaty

The Republic Square is the biggest square in the city and is often held important events such as National festivals, parades and sports events. It is also the home to the monuments of Independence, The Presidential Residence, and The Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. These important structures are close to each other and tourists can take pictures of this beautiful monuments. 

Almaty Metro Stations

things to do in almaty,things to do in almaty metroWhen you are in the Almaty, it is recommended to travel around the city in Metro. Almaty is one of the few cities with a metro line. In fact, it is the second metro system in the Central Asia which was recently opened in 2011.Each station represents the unique Kazakh culture that reflects the roots and historical of the Kazakh people. Tourists can be awe by the paintings on the wall and also the historical explanation on every station. It is certainly a good experience when taking the Metro in Almaty.

The potentials of Almaty have not been explored by tourist, due to its limited popularity and language barrier. Yet, the locals here are really friendly and ready to help.This exotic country offers you a great experience and is certainly one of the destinations that you should consider going. Plan your flights and hotels at Almaty Flights & Hotels Booking.