We are here to make your halal travel experience easier. That is why we provide services to cater for our Muslim tourists and also to Travel companies that are new to halal tourism.


We have experience travelling over 30+ countries and we understand the difficulty in starting a travel company and agencies that are interested in launching their own Muslim Travel Packages.

We are here to help tour operators for halal travel consultation for Muslim travelers. This will be beneficial for companies that are interested or they have just started operating Muslim Travel Packages.

We will also look at what other options are available to increase your customer’s growth.


If your business is interested to showcase any travel packages cater for Muslim travel packages cater for Muslim,do consult us as we can write for you an article.We will also look at your customer base and analyse the possible contents that help your company to increase your customer’s growth.


Web Design & Services

At HalalEZGuide, We believe that having a strong online presence is the key for a company or business to stay relevant. Many factors come into play when building a strong online presence such as Social Media and getting recognize in the google search engine. By engaging us, we will provide you with a website and also build a social media presence for your business to grow.

Photo and Video services

We can provide photo and video services for any company be it halal products to holiday pictures to be added in your company’s website or portfolio. This is crucial for any companies who want to improve on their brand awareness.By working with us,we are available to travel to any country of your origin.We can also provide you with free consultation and quote you a price if you seek assistance with our services by emailing us.