Our Vision is to make travelling simple for Muslim travellers. We also desire to build and offer a platform for non-Muslims in discovering and exploring Islam in different countries. 

Our Mission is to become the world’s leading online Muslim guide.

Our work ethnics are based on values. HalalEzGuide(HEG)’s establishment and the goals to achieve its mission are due to the values it upholds.They are:

  1. People

    Without people, we are nothing. People are our utmost priority to create wonders and move the world. The different characters and creativity of each individual which makes HEG a fun, easy and simple place to discover, learn, express and share about the world.

  2. Integrity

    Our work and writers are honest and sincere. We highly value integrity where travellers and clients are confident and assure in our work provided to everyone which are transparent, clear and most importantly simple.

  3. Service

    Our writers have the interest of travellers and clients at heart. We believed in providing the best online service for every individual to explore and discover halal food and places of attraction in the most easiest and simplest way.

  4. Innovation

    Due to the advancement of technology and the complex online travel guide environment, we believe that innovation is important to keep us staying ahead of times and making travelling more exciting.

  5. Aim for Excellence

    Though we want things to be simple however our writers aims for excellence and giving the best in their work so as to achieve “Travel simple and beautiful” and achieve travellers and clients satisfaction.

  6. Teamwork

    We constantly come out with creative ideas, open discussions and the willingness to share and learn from each other allows us to create new updated contents to keep the travellers updated.