Norway is undoubtedly one of the most mesmerising places that one can ever visit. If you are someone who is attracted more to the natural beauty,  then you are going to love it here as Norway is a home to some of the famous natural wonders in the world. Besides being famous for its natural beauty, it also showcases some fascinating history, architecture, friendly people and a lot more. 

Norway in the nutshell is the most popular round trip that takes you on a journey through some of the most beautiful scenery in which includes several breathtaking experiences such as the Bergen Railway, the Flåm Railway, Kjosfossen, the Aurlandsfjord, the Nærøyfjord and the steep Stalheimskleiva road.


The Nærøyfjord is a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site where you can get some excellent views of the mountainsides and small traditional farms. You might also get a chance to see the goats grazing right beside the Nærøyfjord and seals basking on the rocks as well.

 The Bergen Railway

The Bergen Railway is one of the ways to get around in Norway.It is the Northern Europe’s highest stretch of railway, roughly 100 km of which runs through wild mountain terrain.It runs between Bergen and Oslo while showing some spectacular scenery of Norway.

The Bergen railway is route is literally a competition to Switzerland when it comes to views. The Oslo to Bergen ride is so charming that is a must to get on in every season where you can catch a different view out of the window every time. 


As we all know, Norway is known to serve the best for its stunning sceneries and nature, but one in particular surpasses the rest. The Stalheimskleiva road in Norway is a road of lots of twists and turns and is not only the steepest road in Norway itself but the entire Europe too. When you are on the road, dare yourself to take your eyes off the road and witness the spectacular sights on both areas like the Sivle waterfall and Stalheim waterfall. 

The Flåm Railway

The Flam Railway is a highly recommended addition to the Bergen Railway that connects the railway with the fjords. The train journey passes every day from a height of above 900 meters above sea level and passes through some of the most exceptional waterfalls and mountain sceneries.

 On the 20 km-long train ride that operates between Myrdal and Flåm, you can see rivers that cut through deep ravines, waterfalls cascading down the side of steep, snow-capped mountains and mountain farms clinging dizzily to sheer slopes. The Flåm Railway makes a photo stop at the beautiful Kjosfossen waterfall.  


The Kjosfossen is one of the most visited waterfalls by the tourists in Norway. The waterfall is an interesting sight also because the water sounds like a thunder. It is only accessible by train hence it is one of the many highlights that can be seen from the Flam Railway. One can visit it any time of the year to experience the waterfall during the summers and a snow and ice covered waterfall during the winters.


The Aurlandsfjord is also being a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.It is also the picturesque fjords of Norway that offers some stunning views. The journey to get to the Aurlandsfjord starts from the Flam Railway that brings you here to the fjord cruise to enjoy some panoramic views.

To fully experience the beauty and scenery of the places that are mention earlier, we recommend that you make overnight stops along the route to enjoy the beautiful scenery or participate in an exciting activity such as kayaking, hiking or walking, or taking a fjord safari.