If you want to spend a day or two away from the busiest town of Oslo,Feiring is the wonderful choice for you to visit as it is known to be a quiet and a peaceful town.You can spend many activities that are relatively cheap compare to other towns near Oslo. It takes 1 hour 45 min to reach to the town from Oslo by bus.

There are key concern especially for the Muslim tourists who wants to know if you can find any halal food in the town.Yes,we can provide you with more details by emailing us for more queries as we do have someone in Feiring that can provide you with a Muslim itinerary tour.Without further due,let’s get started on learning what are the 5 wonderful things that you can do in Feiring,Norway.


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There are several animals that you can see in the Feiring. The common animals that you can find here are animals such as moose,reindeer,deer,hare,grouse,hedgehog and sheep.Sheep are usually domestic and are owned by farm owners. The animals are attach with bells so that the animals can be identified when in the forest. 

Certain areas are off limit and you have to get yourself a guide or a hunter in order for you to enter the forest.This is for your own safety as there are dangerous animals such as bear,snakes and others.Furthermore,bringing a guide will give you the best forest experience in Feiring. 


Berry Picking,Norway,Feiring,Oslo

During summer season, you able to pick on berries when you are in the forest.Berry season starts around late June and ends in the middle of October. You can pick berries when you in the forest.


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Feiring is the best place for any forest trekking enthusiasts as you can spend your time admiring the nature of the town and also the wildlife.However, during the summer you may have to bring your raincoat or poncho as the weather in Feiring may change unexpectedly. 


fishing,ice fishing,norway

Fishing can be done during the summer period which is usually during the month of May and July.Fishing can be done near Feiring’s lake which is known as Lake Mjøsa. Mjøsa has a variety of 20 species of fishes in total. The most famous fish that can be found in the lake is Mjøsa trout.

During Summer, the locals will usually fish for big trout as other season you will not be able to do so .Mjøsa also offers common fishes such as pike, perch, burbot and  grayling. Ice Fishing can be done during the winter season which is during the month of November to April. Do head down to Feiring during the month of November to April to experience ice fishing.



To know more about Feiring and its activity,do check out our trip to Feiring by clicking the video. For a one day experience in the forest, it is the best place to go when you are in Oslo.