Summer season in Rovaniemi usually happens from the month of June to July.During this month, there will be no or less sighting of the Northern lights.

Rovaniemi is one of the cities of Finland.It is situated at the Finland’s northern province, Lapland. Rovaniemi has always been known about its Santa Claus Village, Husky Parks, sightings of the midnight sun, sightings of Northern Lights and other activities.

Here we are going to share with you what are the primary activities that you can do during the summer.


 Arktikum in the Summer,norway

Arktikum is a museum where it consists of several historical exhibitions. The exhibitions contain information such as the wildlife and the people’s culture in Finland. It brings the guests an overall experience in understanding Finland from the prehistory moment to the present. 


Santa Claus Village,Finland,Rovaniemi
Santa Claus village is located to the north of Rovaniemi direction Ivalo along highway number 4. You can get there by taking the local bus no 8. For more information, you can ask your respective hotel or the tourist information for the bus timetable.In Santa Claus Village, You can visit Santa himself for a photo session or visit any souvenir shops and restaurants around the villages. During the summer, not many activities are open. However, you can visit the Husky park and the Reindeer farm which located nearby the village.


husky park dog,husky park,dog,finland,rovaniemi

Husky Park is located nearby Santa Claus Village. It takes a 10 min walk from the Santa Claus Village in the park. Here, you get to see all the husky which is usually used to pull the sledge. However, during summer you don’t get a chance to try on the sledge rides as most of the huskies are on hibernation. They are active during the winter season.


Reindeer farm,Finland,Norway

Next, you can find the Reindeer farm which is also located in Santa Claus Village. It will take few mins walk from the Santa Claus Village. In the Reindeer farm, you can feed the Reindeer and take pictures with the animals. I am sure that it will be a memorable experience when feeding the Reindeer.


sunday market,finland market

Sunday Market only happen during the weekend.There are many types of goods that you can shop on that day.Wonderful goods such as reindeer horns, Finnish gifts and souvenirs can be found only in the market with affordable price. There are a variety of shops selling different kinds of Finnish foods and snacks that you can try awhile shopping for gifts and souvenirs.

If you are tired of shopping, you can relax and watch the Finnish culture shows. The culture shows will showcase some of their folk dances and also their traditional music.


Rovaniemi Bridge,Finland,Arktikum,Finland

The bridge is also known as Jätkänkynttilä and is the most significant landmark in Rovaniemi. It is one of the most beautiful landmarks, especially at night. Northern lights can be seen near the bridge during a certain season. That will be the best time for tourists to take pictures of the bridge.



If you have no experience in fishing, no worries. Rovaniemi has a lot of travel tours that organise fishing trips. You can get to experience on how to fish and where is the best place to catch. 


Midnight sun,halalezguide,halal,halal places

Midnight sun phenomenon can only be experienced during the month of June to the month of August. The reason for it to be known as Midnight sun is because, during that particular month, the sun will only go down during midnight which is at 12 in the morning.

This means that the country or states affecting by the phenomenon will have a longer daylight period and a short period for the night.

Rovaniemi is the place to be even it is in the summer or during the winter. To book you hotel, you can check out Rovaniemi hotel booking to find out what are the best hotels that are available.